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Is my information secure?

Your privacy and security are important to us. Your personal information is protected by SSL encryption, the industry-standard protocol recognized everywhere for protection of Internet transactions. AutumnRiders does not sell its client list to mail vendors.  Your information will never be sold or transferred to a third party for marketing purposes.

How does the order process work?

Our online order process takes you through several steps to complete your order:

1) Select your vehicle and its color or colors

2) Select a piece of apparel, patch or accessory for us to sew the design on.

3) You may add custom text to the design.  Some people put the manufacturer's name and/or vehicle model name on the shirt.  Others put their name, a club name or an event or rally.  It's up to you and purely optional.

After ordering the first item you will be given the chance to review it, change it, add a different item, or add another item with a similar design.  Finally you will check out.  You may pay by check or credit card.

How much does it cost?

The cost of embroidering the design is included in the prices shown for the apparel and accessories.  The only extra charges are for custom text (optional), and shipping and handling.  Small to Extra Large sizes are one price, 2X and larger sizes are slightly more.  Because of the custom nature of our product it is best to start an order to understand the process, the features and the cost.  Don't be concerned - you may stop the process at any time prior to entering a credit card to avoid any charges.

What if there is a problem with my order or an item doesn't fit?

First of all, we promise 100% satisfaction. If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason you may return it for a full refund.

Please check the "Size Measurements" charts on the apparel selection page. If your purchase does not fit we will replace it with one that does.  The only charges will be the usual shipping and handling charge plus any premium for sizes over XL. It doesn't matter if you ordered your name or other unique text added to the design; we will take it back to make it right for you.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Production time: Orders are generally shipped within one to two weeks of receipt. If you need expedited delivery please call.

In transit time: Our shop is located in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. Naturally transit time depends on your location. Within the US we ship small items, like a single hat or patch, in an envelope by USPS First Class Mail. Larger packages go by Priority Mail which takes about the same time as First Class. We use Air Letter Post to the rest of the world.

How are orders shipped and what are the shipping and handling charges?

The shipping and handling charge is based on the total order value and the destination country.  Shipments in the US are made by US Postal Service First Class or Priority Mail, depending on weight.  Shipments outside the US are done by Air Letter Post mail.

Order Value                               Shipping & Handling Charge

                          US/Canada/Mexico     Other Countries

Up to $30.00               $3.95                     $4.95

$30.01 to $50.00         $6.95                     $11.95

$50.01 to $75.00         $8.95                     $13.95

$75.01 to $100.00       $10.95                     $16.95

Above $100.00           $12.95                      $19.95

What payment options are available?

When you check out you will be given the option of paying by credit card (MasterCard, Visa or Discover), check, money order, or by using a gift certificate.  If you choose to pay by check or money order we will hold your order until your payment is received.

How large are the designs?

All our designs are about 3 1/4" wide by 2 1/4" high.  They are designed for the left chest on shirts and the front of hats.  We do not do large jacket back designs because the designs would have to be digitized again for the larger format.

What if you don't have my vehicle?

If we don't have your vehicle please send an email to customerservice @ autumnriders.com.  Give us the make, model and year you want.  If we get enough requests for a design we will do it and inform you by email.  If you are a member of a forum or club who would be interested in a new vehicle design tell the members to send requests as well.

If your request is for a special or limited production model which we are unlikely to do, you may request a quote for us to develop the design for you.

What are the Primary, Secondary, etc. colors on the designs page?

On the "Designs" page you are asked for the colors to match your motorcycle or car, etc. Here you are selecting the color of the thread used to sew the design, generally to match a paint color.

For some models we list the manufacturer's colors - select your color and we will use a matching thread color.  For others you will have to select the "Custom" color option and then select the actual thread colors in the area below.

Some designs have a single color - others have two or more. The "Notes" to the right of the design explain where each color appears in the design. If your want just one color where a Primary and Secondary colors are called for specify the same color for both Primary and Secondary colors.

To help you select colors there is a "View Thread Colors" window. However every monitor is different so we cannot guarantee the thread will be exactly like the image on your monitor. There are two other ways match color(s): if you can narrow your search using the Model, Year and Manufacturer Color selections that is the best way to assure a match, alternatively you may find your color in the "Match Mfr Colors with Our Colors" window. Again, if you are unhappy with the results you may return the item for a refund or replacement.

Why does my design only have one choice, "Custom", for the manufacturer's color?

We don't know what colors were offered by the manufacturers for all models or model years.  The "Custom" color option allows you to specify the thread color(s) we should use to match your factory or custom color scheme.  Specify the custom thread colors on the bottom half of the page according to the notes telling you where each color (Primary, Secondary, etc.) is used.

We would like to have Manufacturer-Model-Year color records for all designs.  If you can help us get that information for a manufacturer or specific model please contact us.  Your help will be appreciated and will help us serve you and fellow enthusiasts.

What if my vehicle is just one color but two colors are asked for?

If the design you picked offers two colors for example (Primary and Secondary) but your vehicle has only one color specify the same Primary and Secondary colors.

Why is custom text not available on hats?

There is not sufficient room on hats for the designs plus custom text.

Can I send you a shirt or jacket to sew the design on?

No, we are sorry but we don't sew on your garments.  Once in a while we make a mistake and we wouldn't want it to be on your favorite shirt.

You can however order a patch which you can sew or heat seal on your garment.

Can you sew a design on some cloth I send you?

We have done this for a number of people.  Some have made quilts this way.  The charge is the same as for a "Sewout" which is listed under "Patches and Accessories."  Place your order online, put a special note on the order telling us what you plan to send for sewing, then please call or email is so we can flag the order.  When your material swatch arrives we will sew the design(s) per your order.  Include any backing you would like behind the fabric.

  Brand names, model names and model numbers are trademarks belonging to the product's manufacturer. AutumnRiders is not affiliated with nor endorsed by the manufacturers listed on this site.  

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